Terms and Conditions

All of the content on this website is © Unauthorised use or distribution is strictly prohibited.

I provide the images on this website unwatermarked, so I am trusting that they will not be stolen or used elsewhere. Please respect the amount of time and effort that these designs take to produce.

All submissions to the guest gallery are subject to approval. By submitting a guest design you agree that you are the copyright holder of the design and that you grant a nonexclusive license to display the design on this website. You may revoke this license at any time by contacting me and the design will be removed at the first possible time. We reserve the right to reject any designs that are not suitable for the gallery. We reserve the right to remove any designs that consistently receive low ratings.

We keep logs of ambigram ratings for monitoring purposes and to help prevent abuse. Price quotes are logged to guarantee prices in case of price fluctuations. All price quotes on this website are valid for 30 days and we will honour these if the price increases during this period.

All ambigram designs are sold for personal use only unless otherwise stated. When purchasing a design from this website you will be granted a nonexclusive license to use the design for non-commercial use only. Commercial rates are available on request. The copyright of all designs remains with the artist.