I am afraid that I am not taking custom orders for tattoo designs from individuals.
Please note that I am too busy to reply to such messages. If you are interested in having an ambigram designed for commercial use then please contact me for further information.


Will you design a tattoo for me?

Sorry, I'm too busy to take tattoo orders at this time and for the forseeable future.

Will you draw an ambigram for me for free?

No. They take many hours to draw and I therefore cannot draw them for you for free.

I really like your ambigram of _____. Can I have it as a tattoo?

I can send you a high-quality version of a design including outline tattoo stencils for a small fee. Contact me for more information.

Can I pay you to design an ambigram for me?

Prices start at $199.99 USD. Contact me for more information if you are interested.

Can you comment on an ambigram I've drawn? How do I send it to you?

Of course. You can email it to me at the address below.

How do I draw an ambigram of ________? I can't get the letters _ and _ to work.

Perhaps the ambigram is too dificult. Try simpler designs first and maybe come back to the word in a couple of months. Read the tutorial for inspiration and advice, and maybe look at other designs to see how those letter combinations have been done by other artists.

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